Hero VTOL 4+1 Fixed wing

Thanks for the feedback on the problem, reducing the P or D value of the cross roll appropriately will reduce the vibration.

Will you upload more 3d files?
I want to see the fuselage before buying
Cannot decide between the hero and the striver

Sorry, we can only provide partial 3D files for easy modification and DIY.

Hello @makeflyeasy,
We have selected your Hero PNP version for a development project.

What is the size of the box and the weight so that shipping costs €1078.07 to Spain?
I think it is a very high price when the cost of the Hero PNP version is €1,760.75.

Thank you.

@Luar The shipping cost is the price calculated by the trading platform, you can buy directly from our dealers with cheaper shipping costs.https://www.uavmodel.com

@makeflyeasy Do you have a list of things that are included in the PNP version of the Hero? Is it in stock?

@tegwin You click on the more information section of this link, which has a detailed list of configurations