Hereflow optical flow messages from MAVROS

Hi, I am trying to use MAVROS to obtain Hereflow optical flow data from Cube Orange to my Jetson board via UART. I include the following settings into my ROS launch file.

    <include file="$(find mavros)/launch/apm2.launch">
            <arg name="fcu_url" value="/dev/ttyTHS0:921600"/>

    <include file="$(find mavros_extras)/launch/px4flow.launch">
            <arg name="fcu_url" value="/dev/ttyTHS0:921600"/>

    <node pkg="rosservice" type="rosservice" name="mavros_set_stream" args="call --wait /mavros/set_stream_rate 0 50 1"/>

Although I see from Qgroundcontrol that Hereflow publishes OPTICAL_FLOW Mavlink message correctly, I cannot see anything in corresponding MAVROS message.

Can you help me to solve the issue? Best.


Hello, were you able to resolve this? If so, how?

I am trying to get optical flow messages with mavros as well.

Did you find a solution?