Here3 RTK with skydriod T12 radio?

im trying to do RTK mapping with HERE3 GPS but
my question is
1- why telemetry is needed for here 3 rtk ?
2 - what if telemetry loses connection when the plane is taking turns ?
3- can I use skydroid t12 radio for telemetry it also has telemetry function?

my main concern is can i use skydroid t12 as a telemetry connection for the here3 RTK mapping project

thank you

Hello @Aroow

  1. This is the basics for RTK functioning, it relies on a fixed base in order to send corrections to the vehicle. These corrections are sent via telemetry link. It is a RTK thing and not related especificaly to HERE3 model;
  2. Your GPS status will fall from RTK Fixed/Float to 3D Fix or 3DGPS, but despite the accuracy lost, it will go back to the RTK state when link is restablished;
  3. I think you can use it. I am really not into this controller model… but it should work in some way, take a look at Skydroid Thread on this forum.