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Here3 and Pixhawk1


Can Here3 unit work with Pixhawk1? Is it only CAN protocol or can also work serial ?


Yes, pixhawk 1 can work fine with Here3 and long as you use ArduCopter 4.0.5 instead of 3.6.
AFAIK it is only CAN, but I might be wrong.

Tnx @amilcarlucas !
What is the issue if I am using a version lower than 4.0.5? Is it possible to configure 3.5.5 to use CAN on pixhawk1?
I was looking though this but these params are not in my tree.
I saw that in “Optional Hardware” on MP, there is a UAVCAN tab with a warning that MAVlink will not function if I turn SLCAN on.

Is that the issue ? I can’t have MAVlink and CAM together if I don’t run 4.0.5?

My goal is to run Here3 with an older Copter 3.5.5 through CAN.


AFAIK you need to first update to 3.6.12, and after that, Update to 4.0.5.

Can you explain why you need 3.5.5?

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