Here+ v2 RTK Rover Update

Hello! I’ve got a Here+ v2 RTK Rover module that needs updating to fw 1.3 as I understand from this guide:

My hardware is different from the tutorial, the rover module is V2 that has some extras like IMU and extra baro/mag/etc. The problem is I can’t connect the rover module to U-center to upgrade it to 1.3.
The ground module has been straightforward but the rover refuses any serial connection via a FTDI plugged into 5v / rx /tx … / gnd of the rover module (the same connector where you plug in the cable for the pixhawk 2 gps 1 connector.

Does anyone have any ideea what can be done in this situation ?49348708_600427207084254_5010898010205323264_n|690x428 49419670_2217474598580615_3991139428285284352_n

I’d suggest checking with your supplier.
I don’t think Hex have provided an update to that page to reflect the new version of the gps unit.

Solved it myself. The baud had to be set to 115200 before clicking the com port in u-center 18.11. Then the update goes ok and the end result is like this:

Hi. Here is the detailed procedure for upgrading the Here+ v2. The guide on will be updated soon.

Here+ V2 Firmware Update

Tools: Here+V2 ROVER, UART-USB converter, cables, hexagonal screw driver

Connect the cable with UART-USB converter. Connect the red wire to 5V pin and black wire to GND pin.

Remove the cover of Here2+ with hexagonal screw driver (You have to press and hold to remove the buckle). Then replace the cable.


Plug the connector to the computer USB port. Check if all drivers are ready in device manager. If not, drivers can be downloaded here: link to download connector driver

The correct driver should be “USB-SERIAL CH340(COM#)”
“#” is the corresponding port number.


Open u-center and select the COM port for connector. Set the baud rate to 9600 then connect.

After connection, select “Tools>legacy firmware update” to enter firmware update UI. Check the option “USB alternative update method” and select the firmware to be updated. (firmware for here+ and here2+ are the same, please look for detailed procedures from the here+ update procedure). Click OK to begin update.


Wait for the progress bar to finish. If the window turns green, update is successful.


If connection failed after the update window shows up, please change the baud rate to 115200 then update it twice (it maybe still failed at the first retry so please retry it twice).

Hope this will help you.