HEQ G-port gimbal support

This thing claims to have Mavlink support and has a serial connection but there is no other information. Is this supported by Ardupilot?

just control by s.bus

I dont think that would allow things like POI?

There’s a sparse manual with a schematic here, it does have UART connections.

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Thanks, I saw that manual. I hope it will quickly get mavlink support like the other available gimbals.
This guy does a review and I think he mentions mavlink support is coming.

It’s a bit confusing since it has “G-Port” in the title, which hints at Gremsy, so it could be a Gremsy clone… but the Gremsy GPort is a hardware addon, not their UART protocol. You’ll have to order one to find out I guess.

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I may well do that. As we speak Im drawing it up in cad to see if it will fit on my plane.

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Let us know how it turns out :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive knocked up a rough idea for a retract mechanism for this gimbal.

Question arising from the fact Ive had a fair few radio failsafes recently.-

After a ‘do land start’ I would think its a good idea to retract the gimbal but I only see the ‘do mount control’ which will position the gimbal axis, I dont see a mount retract option. I guess I could to a set servo but shouldn’t there be a neater way?
I dont see much info on setting mount retract servo limits etc.

EDIT- I just found everything I needed -

Hi Vince!, could you share the files for 3d printing?

I’ve changed design about 5 times since I posted but when it’s finalised I’ll share. It’s more simple now than picture.

Great! Thks Vince! i’ll be looking for it!

Design is coming along but the HS81 servo is not strong enough. It needs a push to leave the lowered position. Looking for a stronger one, hopefully the same size.

Looks great! also heavy copared with the gimbal if i wanted to rise the gimbal to clear the bottom plate?

Thats better. The unit is about 70g, same as gimbal.


Great!!! could you share the 3d files? and also the metal parts where to find it?

All you need should be in description.


Thks!!! i will try to reunite all the missing parts, also what software did yo use for design? i need to make some mods to it

Best Regards!

I used Solidworks. Will upload the solidworks files it it helps.

Can you believe. After a few minutes ground testing my servo just gave up - dead! I have found a very small high torque servo for a good price so ordered one. I have uploaded a new bracket part for the new servo - Savox SH-0256+. Its much smaller than the HS one.