Help with multiple Gimbal Control

Hello everyone. I am trying to setup an SITL simulation of a drone such that the main frame of the drone itself doesn’t roll/pitch/yaw, but the “rings” which house the motor and blades will roll, pitch and yaw instead in order to move the drone, as I’ve shown in this video(done without using sitl).[]
I’ve tried to do this by varying the gimbal and servo parameters as in the file attached.

While trying to run this simulation in stabilize mode, the drone does move sideways for roll and forward&backward for pitch, but the rings(gimbals) do not tilt or roll as I would like them to.

Is there another way of doing this, instead of using the camera gimbal mount parameters? Or do I need to change some of these parameters? I’ve attached log files of the flight below.

TVD.param (20.6 KB)

00000021.BIN (704 KB) [BIN file]

You do need to move the autopilot with the rings which house the motor.
The autopilot can not be mounted on the non-moving frame.

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Could you please tell me how exactly this is done? Do you mean it has to be done on the app where the drone is being flown, such as Unreal Engine? I’m quite new to this so I’m unsure

Yeap, on gazebo or unreal engine.

Oh alright I can do that. I will need to make the same thing work on a real life drone later though. Not sure if the same thing can be applied in that case.

I think you want to do this: ArduCopter Quad Tilt Rotor
If that is the case, continue discussion on that thread