ArduCopter Quad Tilt Rotor

Hi team, I’ve been seeing more and more race quads with tilt rotors for higher thrust. This essentially leads to less drag and higher speeds. I haven’t seen any support yet on other FWs like BetaFlight or CleanFLight. There is a branch of CleanFlight called TiltFlight developed but seems support dwindled off. I’ve had some preliminary discussions with other community members about this topic. Are there any plans to implement this ability in upcoming copter releases? I see an opportunity here considering there are no other “mainstream” and legitimate support out there.

AFAIK ArduPlane supports that.

Thanks for your response. Not quite. Although it does support tilt rotor, not to the dyanamic need in a full maneuvering race quad. See link below. ArduPlane tilt rotor serves as a function to transition between hover and forward plane motion.

Any luck on this? - I am now also looking into tilt quads

Not that I’m aware of. The only thing previously suggested was using the tilt rotor mode in arduplane. I welcome anyone else to chime in and see if there’s any other progress for arducopter.

Im about to test my code on my tilt quad with CudeBlack. I’ll take a video of it share it when i get to test it. lol

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Would anyone be interested in making this work for a fee? Anyone have any idea how much work would be involved to change the code?

I sort of done it?

I just tilted the servos and just flew normaly

I am trying to setup an SITL simulation of a drone such that the main frame of the drone itself doesn’t roll/pitch/yaw, but the “rings” which house the motor and blades will roll, pitch and yaw instead in order to move the drone, as I’ve shown in this video(done without using sitl). I think this would be an application of tilt rotor. [ ]
I’ve tried to do this by varying the gimbal and servo parameters as in the file attached.

While trying to run this simulation in stabilize mode, the drone does move sideways for roll and forward&backward for pitch, but the rings(gimbals) do not tilt or roll as I would like them to.

Is there another way of doing this, instead of using the camera gimbal mount parameters? Or do I need to change some of these parameters? I’ve attached log files of the flight below.

TVD.param (20.6 KB)

00000021.BIN (704 KB) [BIN file]

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