Help with missing external compass

I have a Here+ connected to a pixhawk 2.4.8 running 3.69 chibios
I have the compass connected to I2C but only one compass shows up in calibration.
Is there some reason the external would not be automatically detected? Other than the cable I tried 2 new ones.

hi curt carroll
first please check your compass wires to ensure that they are correctly installed and not damaged.
second in mission planner check that you checked both “use this compass” under “compass #1 and #2” like this picture

and the “OFFSETS” labels must be green if they are not its meaning that your pixhawk not detected your compass.
you can test your compass on another flight controller if it working you should check your pixhawk l2c port or re-flashing pixhawk (maybe software problem).

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Thanks, Still I am missing a compass. This compass worked on another FC but not sure it’s working now. It’s a bit frustrating I have everything working RTK , drotagx, A5000 and a good tune. possibly overpowered, the setup prior to tuning was not that fun. It fly’s good so… is this an issue I need to deal with?

Swap the compass wires…

I got the same problem with my DIY BMM150,I tested the sensor with my arduino, It works fine.