Help with how to wire up S.PORT/SBUS/telemetry with Matek F405-se?

I’m looking at putting together a sub-250g fixed-wing with FPV. I’m considering the Matek F405-SE and have been looking at and Mateksys F405-SE/WSE — Copter documentation, but I’m still not clear on exactly how all the serial protocols work relative to the hardware inversion.

If using an FrSky-compatible receiver with SBUS/S.PORT (not F.PORT, the receiver can’t handle it) I understand that the SBUS line goes to the SBUS pad, but I’m not sure what I need to do with S.PORT. Betaflight and Inav use softserial on TX2, but how does this work for Ardupilot? Do I need a separate inverter between TX2 and the S.PORT input on the receiver? If so, do I need a bidirectional inverter or just a unidirectional one?

I’ll be running a BLHeli_32 ESC, and I assume I’d connect it to RX6, but do I leave the telemetry as default or S.PORT in BLHeli_32 Suite?


Yes, you have to. Sport is a bidirectional communication (half duplex inverted uart).
If your RX doesn’t have the option of an inverted (hacked) sPort.

More info can be found here

Regarding the

you should look in docu here and here.