Help with hardware ( autonomous mower)

Hello to all
I couldn’t find an overview section.
I am Richard, from France, I apologize for my English.
I am in the process of gathering materials for an autonomous mower vehicle project.
I have overboard motors for motorization, I have to buy everything, remote control, receiver, flight controller, GPS…
I would like to equip myself without making any mistakes, and I have several questions:
for the remote control I am thinking of buying a Taranis X9 Lite S and the X8R 8 Frsky 2.4 GHz receptor.
is this model sufficient ?or should I take the superior model Taranis X9D Plus?

Question for the Pixhawk 4, I can’t find any available on the official site, the prices are very different on the internet, so I find a lot of Pixhawk 2.4.8, what is this model? is it a 4? or a 2?
Thanks very much

For the transmitter, go with a Radiomaster TX16S. I believe there is also a version 2 available now.
For the flightcontroller, I would recommend a Mateksys H743-Wing. The only downside is, that you have to solder the pins and some wires connecting the top and bottom PCB. Especially the ground pins need a good soldering iron or better a soldering station, because there is a lot of copper to heat up.


This is the second version of Pixhawk. As for the radio, a good set. But I’d rather take the Radiomaster TX16S

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Oh cool, thanks for your advice!
I will look on the side of Radiomaster TX16S in France.
can I keep the receiver X8R 8 Frsky 2.4 GHz receptor. with the Radiomaster TX16S ?

a Mateksys H743-Wing is the same thing as Pixhawk 4 ?

I will look for information in the projects and on the forum.

The Radiomaster has a multiprotocol module built-in. You can use it with almost any 2.4GHz receiver out there. The classic FrSky receivers will work (X8R too), but not their ACCESS protocol receivers.
The Pixhawk 4 and the Mateksys H743- Wing are both flightcontrollers, supported by Ardupilot. This is where the similarity ends. They use different microcontrollers, different connectors, have different features and so on.


A minor point about the Radiomaster TX16S which is a great radio. With the new MKII version on pre-order now you have the choice of the 4-in1 multiprotocol module or an ELRS module (both internal). If you want to use Frsky receivers the MPM module is what you want. ELRS is becoming very popular. Also, these MKII’s will ship with the EdgeTx operating system which is the future for these radios. OpenTx is great but development has slowed to a crawl.


can anyone tell me how to configure the mixes in the tx16s to control a twin motor boat

i want to control throttle and steering from the right hand stick so when the stick is in central position it doesnt move when fully forward it moves forward in a straight line. fully back it reverses at 25% thrust and stick left or right makes the boat move left and right? if that makes sense.

Im running ELRS and communicating with a purple cube

As usual there are a few ways to do this. The easiest might be as follows:
Swap Pitch and Throttle mapping from default.

Then create a curve in EdgeTx with 3 points -25,0 and 100
Then edit the Inputs>Elevator and add the Custom curve you created.

forgive me for sounding stupid.

where do i find the page to RCMAP please

I really am new to this

Mission Planner’s Full Parameter list. Get used to using it as there are settings there not found anywhere else. Make sure that after you make the value change you hit the Write Parameters button on the right pane and usually a reboot/power cycle is required for some changes to be realized. After that go to the Radio Calibration Screen in Mission Planner and see if the Throttle and Roll bars are responding to the correct sticks.

Thanks I’m all over it.