Help with differential thrust boat

I am brand new to ardupilot, and hope you can share your knowledge and wisdom.
Although I am not new to R/C or Electronics, I am a total noob at this.
I need advice.
I have 2 45 pound thrust Motorguide Trolling Motors, and wish to do a crawler application based around these reversible, same as a twin screw boat.
I have most of the hardware issues already worked out, getting started.
First, if you have a decent brushed ESC, good for 35 amps continuous, waterproof, I an looking for a unit you can disable the LVC, and is off with neutral on an rc stick, forward or backward on stick deflection, no brake.
I am using lead acid batteries, hence the LVC shall be debated.

I obviously need a controller that is good for a boat, differential, and reversible, I can program for loiter, return to home retracing the prior path, and heading lock if I wish to run straight.


This is an example of what I am working with


Very interesting!

I have been thinking about something similar for use as a position marker for regatta use. Were you able to get your project up and running?