Help with debugging strategy


I am trying to debug the source code as I am implementing some changes. In particular I want to monitor some variables. Till now I found the following two ways:

  • using gcs text messages like explained here - straightforward
  • using gcs send named float

Regarding the second, to analyze the log I go to Mission Planner and under Telemetry logs I choose convert to txt/csv to view the variables or try the graph log.

So my questions are:

  1. This seems to be quite a long process with lots of steps involved. Is there a more efficient way?
  2. Using the graph log which is more useful only allows for 1 variable even if I log more (see code below). Is there a way to log more than one variables here?
        gcs().send_named_float("VAR1", var1);
        gcs().send_named_float("VAR2", var2);

best way : Debugging with GDB — Dev documentation

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