Help with CX-OF Optical Flow and XBee Telemetry for my Sub 250g Quadrotor

Hi, everyone!

I’m designing and building a sub 250g for a long time and now it is “ready”.
The basic functions are okay, including FrSky telemetry, lidar, GPS and compass, but I’m having trouble to add an optical flow and XBee telemetry.

I will start with the wiring diagram. Don’t be scary, please.

I’m facing two problems.

  1. “Bad OptFlow Health” when I activate optical flow (FLOW_ENABLE=1 etc.);
  2. “Bad AHRS” and “Error Compass Variance” messages when XBee telemetry is o (but telemetry works).

My params file is here:
arducopter-3.6.7-sub250-sensors.param (13.8 KB)

What is strange is that, for a while before the final assembly, the optical flow worked well in some moment and I can’t remember what was different. I tried to redo the connections one by one, testing at each new adding, but when I connect the CX-OF, I get the “Bad OptFlow Health”. I also tried to use the 3.3V and GND pins in the companion computer GPIO to try another power source and it did not worked too. The companion computer was powered by USB at that moment. So, please, if someone have any tip, help me.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried disconnectig the Xbee Radio, it might be too much for the onboard 3.3V reg.
Double check with a FTDI( or best , @anbello Arduino code) that the Cheerson is still sending data

Okay. I tried different power sources and without the XBee, but it did no solve the problem. I will study how to do the FTDI checking. I never did it. Thanks a lot for the tips, man… :call_me_hand: