Help with autonomous flight with tilt rotor axes control

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum, and couldn’t really find what I need since there are a lot of threads. I will get straight to the questions. Recently, me and my cousin built a quadcopter for school project using the VQ250 tilt rotor kit (from Vector Quads) using PX4 2.4.8 with the same motors, ESCs, and servo motors from Vector Quads. It was set-up using Mission Planner.

So far, we were able to control it manually almost perfectly, even with the tilting functionality. We were also able to do some missions with the QGroundControl app, using both the PC version and Tablet version. The missions were successful!, but as required for my project, we need to do the missions with tilting axes control.

Meaning, we need to make it fly autonomously with both fixed rotor axes and tilted rotor for the same mission, and allow it to enable/disable tilting with a command or something by the software during the flight.

How can we achieve this? Do we need to manually write a code for the PX4 to recognize the tilting mechanism for the mission? Is there an existing parameters we can play with to allow autonomous tilting? Can we set waypoints with/without tilting? Thanks in advance!!!