Help related to DroneCAN

I have a proximity sensor giving out measurements via CANFD. I tried using lua script to read and process the frame but the sensor hangs up after few minutes. I have confirmed that it’s not an issue with the sensor using the CANFD analyzer on which I get uninterrupted continuous readings.

In my last query on forum I found out that it may be a issue related to clock.

I have decided to explore other ways, specifically DroneCAN. I am a bit new to it, and need some help on how to convert this CANFD data into DroneCAN and send it to flight controller.

Ardupilot Version: 4.5

CANFD is a lot faster than normal CAN. It will simply not fit. Try to fix the clock issues instead

How do I start with that? Also, DroneCAN does support CANFD right? So why wouldn’t it fit?

Look at all tridge commit messages for the past month and find the one fixing the clock trimming on CANFD. Look at the exact details in that commit message. Look at the code changes. And then try to change the trimmings a bit more in the right direction

I’ve already looked into the changes that were made to fix the clock timings, I can experiment things from the bit time calculator but I don’t know the required chars like

clock frequency:
clock tolerance:
node delay:

That will be your mission then. If you choose to accept it

Just to keep things connected, this discussion is happening across a few places:

Just to clarify, this issue was resolved by reducing the bitrate to 1Mbps. I’m not sure exactly whether that was done on the AP side or the sensor side though (see links above in case there are more details there).