Help: PWM outputs from SITL JSON interface

I am currently developing a physics simulator, and am currently meaning to use the JSON interface. I tested the UDP connection and I seem to recieve the PWM values from the SITL alright. the pwm values in the SITL are configured to [1100:1900] with trim set at 1500. I am confused with the logics behind the pwm and it’s values and would appreciate any answer/opinion regarding my questions:

  • does trim=1500 mean that at 1500 the motor will not recieve voltage? if so, what do [1000:1500] values correspond to?

  • is the mavlink SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW message taking in account the trim? is it the same as the message sent in the SITL interface?

  • are the RC channel parameters linked to the servo PWM params?

I’m new to the field and have struggled to find answers online, would appreciate any help, thanks!