Help Pixhawk1 have RCOUT ( Servo9)

Dear all,
I setting landing gear with Servo9 and rcin8, no thing happend.
and I testing Servo9 with tab Servo and click on High / Low/ toggle but no thing happend.
I upload new firmware APM:Copter V3.5.7 (b11c6af3) with Mission Planner ver 1.3.58 build 1.3.6794.30567…ew?usp=sharing
Please help me with many thanks

@rmackay9, please help me if you know.

This sounds like a mixup on how to trigger the output.

So if SERVO9_FUNCTION is setup as landing gear, then one of the aux channels (i.e. CH7_OPT, CH8_OPT, etc) needs to be setup to control the landing gear.

If SERVO9_FUNCTION is left as “0”, then it should be possible to move the servo using the MP’s Flight Data screen’s servo tab.

If SERVO9_FUNCTION is set to “rc8in” then moving the transmitters channel 8 switch or knob around should change the output coming out of the fligthcontroller’s ch9 output.

One question is how do you check that it’s moving. A servo tester would be the best way to check. Alternatively a servo could be connected but remember that if you’re using a pixhawk, the flight controller doesn’t provide power on the back output rail. A separate BEC must be connected. If you’re checking by looking in the mission planner’s Flight Data Status tab, then the channel 9 output won’t be visible because mavlink1 doesn’t support sending more than 8 servo outputs to the ground station… so you’d need to change SERIALx_PROTOCOL to “2” … where “x” is the serial port being used to connect the flight controller to the ground station.

Thanks rmackay9,
I don’t know that, mavlink 1 not support aux rc out. let a test with Mavlink 2.
Thanks and best regards