[HELP] Outputs in Orange CUBE don't work

Im building an Arduplane with the pixhawk CUBE orange, the big board. My battery, esc,motor,servos… all work perfectly when using the rc radio. But after doing all the config of the pixhawk when I plug them in the main output, n the same layout as they were in the reciever, nothing works. But mission planner detects the radio, and Ive done all the configuration without troubles. So my problem is that if I connect them to the board the servos and the motors dont power up. My guess is that the ESC is not providing the power but I cant manage to fix it. Any ideas?

Make sure you have connected 5v power supply to servo to power esc and servos. If done then check BRD_safety switch is pressed to enable pwm output to servo rail or disabled bit in full parameter list.

Can you send a picture of your build (wiring to be exact) and a log generated by trying to arm the motors and moving servos while the plane is armed?

This is my setup, but I cant manage to understand what is failling. Should I use an external 5V source for the powering of the servos?

you mean an extra battery for powering the servos?

*(btw sry for taking so long in answering, its a uni personal project an I couldnt work till today)

From your photos, we cant see if your ESC has a BEC built in. If you know the model you can google it, or upload an image.
If your ESC is an opto (No ΒEC), then you have to add one, with suficient Amps for your servos.
If you still have doupts, another way to check it (for geeks like me) is to check the servo rail Voltage in a log.

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As stated the Cube does not power the Servo rail, you need to provide a dedicated 5V supply for this

Buddy Take the prop off i hate to see you lose some fingers when setting up

So, by adding one like this to the rail (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/5v-5a-ubec-2-5s-lipoly-7-2-21v.html?queryID=cd2eb88e7288d2c051df825c44537370&objectID=24179&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products), all should work? (assuming im not messing anything else)

I bought a BEC but still the problem remains:
All the config of the pixhawk was going nice until this point: Trying to conect my servos and esc to the CUBE.
I conncected everything and configured the radio parameters, even anulated the failsafe but the servos wont move and neither the motor. I know im probably doing something wrong but I cant manage to figure it out. I even bought a BEC because I thought power might be the issue, but still does not work. HELP PLEASE

Is it armed? Safety switch?

In the parameters i think i did but, How can i double check that is not the issue?

Btw, Thanks beforehand

For testing purposes disable the safety switch by setting BRD_SAFETY_ENABLE to 0. In the Mission Planner HUD it will say if the Flight Controller is armed.

if servo motor is taking input more than 7 volt then it would be good or not to operate that servo with orange cube piahawk, I am providing external power to the pixhawk

By “Servo motor” I assume you mean a standard high volt servo. No problem supplying it with the control signal from any flight controller. What Servo do you have?