Help me find a flight guide compatible with a live camera

You need a flight controller to which you can directly connect a camera with zoom control via Mission planer and QGC

The only one that can do that is the RPi hat.

Thank you, are there any useful articles? I just didn’t find anything similar.

What is your question?

How to connect the camera to the flight controller directly and at the same time control it. I was prompted that you can do this with Raspberry, but I haven’t found any articles that will help me do it. It is very necessary to display the video and control. There are only USB cameras on the Internet

Ardupilot has functionality for camera control for some cameras. It does nothing with the video signal other than on some Flight Controllers switch between 2 cameras. Some Flight Controllers have an OSD chip in which case there is video input to mix with the camera signal.
Camera and gimbals

I assume he wants to use a cheap rpi camera and then stream the video to the gcs using WiFi.

I’m just having a hard time believing that google will not find hunderts of articles explaining how to do that. Just google for rpi camera rtsp stream over WiFi.

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No, the camera type is Tarot PEEPER T30X 2MP 30X. How can such a thing be connected directly to Raspberry

Ask the manufacturer

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