[HELP] Fpv & Arduplane setup


My goal is to see a real-time image from my plane, I would like it to be able to go about 4km away, as a ground station is too expensive, is it possible to use arduplane with waypoints mission? the plane will be out of range of the remote control, will I find the signal once it comes back within range?

I also have another question, about the camera, is it enough to use a kit like this one?


you could use a ez wifibroadcast setup.
two raspberry pi with wifi (2.4 or 5.8) radios, free software some soldering.
what you get = hd video hdmi downlink, telemetry and rc control free osd all over one radio.
an with the right antennas easy 5km range.

can be done with around 100$

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Thank you for your answer,
Imagine that my remote control has a range of 1km, if the plane is 3km away, if I use arduplane in waypoints mode, does the plane continue its navigation?
So I would only have a video feedback as contact with the plane.

this is possible if you set the failsafe right.

BUT ezwifibroadcast can also trasmit you rc signal to the plane, same range like the video -> 5km or more.
so no need for interuption. you can connect your remote pwm or directly through usb (taranis) and pilot your plane.

It seems I have to use Pixhawk with ezwbc, Pixhawk is expensive compared to APM ^^, are u using ezwbc?

Source : https://github.com/rodizio1/EZ-WifiBroadcast/wiki/RC-~-RC-with-Ardupilot

Yes that is possible.

Do not buy an APM. its super old, no software updates since YEARS.
you cant use any new firmware.
and hardware that is fully ardupilot/arduplane compatible is not expensive: https://www.banggood.com/de/Matek-Systems-F405-WING-New-STM32F405-Flight-Controller-Built-in-OSD-for-RC-Drone-p-1292190.html

i bet there are even cheaper boards out there.

voltage sensor, sdcard, osd everything inside.