Help for indoors steady flight (no GPS, no optical flow)

trying manual pitch tune 3 inch cinewhoop
firmware version stable 4.3.2
drone sliding all directions and not complete 100% tune
in full charged 2300mah battery

I trying taking stabilize flights try autotrim but not work

any suggestion help for steady flight

telemetry log file attached

Telemetry log is almost useless.

Tune the “dynamic notch filter”, try the autotune, and post a dataflash log file afterwords.

help …
how to notch configuration
log attached

Start by reading “ArduCopter dynamic notch configuration” ( Google for it)
And post any questions you have here

Drone sliding issue @amilcarlucas @andyp1per

Small fly No any rc input, all side weight equal,notch enable,calibration done

test.bin (812.7 KB)

Are you saying the copter is not holding position?
You have no GPS unit (or Optical Flow sensor) detected or working - it is impossible to hold position without one.

You are in Stabilise mode, so the copter will move with the wind or any disturbance.
You will also need to test in AltHold , but Loiter will need a working GPS unit or some other position source.

You can improve the performance in all modes by connecting to MissionPlanner, got to set up, Mandatory… Accel Calibration
Carefully level the entire copter, then press the Calibrate Level button

Also set all of these:

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indoor flying not using gps
Using AltHold same output
Flying car parking no any wind

You need to add optical flow for that to work.

I updated the post tittle to refect your system.


Last night flight all setting test :grin:
3" Cinewhoop with duct 3045 prop

Today outdoor fly notch enable,gps 3d fix