Help build baitboat with GPS and waypoints

Ardurover won’t do that.

How much do you want to spend and how are your soldering skills?

Sorry but I don’t understand, in your first post you told me it was easy…

Spend as little as possible, I can do welding. :slight_smile:


It’s easy to Record waypoints sequentially and then run that Mission hitting all the waypoints. There is no easy way to select one out of the list and go to it. That functionality you are talking about is from a Controller not running Ardupilot.

Matek H743-WLITE

It wouldn’t be terribly difficult to craft a simple Lua script to iterate through saved waypoints via an RC switch and then selectively clear the current mission on another switch. The WLITE would support that.

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with Mission Planner on a table or phone if it can be done right? What do you think of the Omnibus F4 Pro?

Can you explain me?


Junk. And it won’t run Lua scripting as @Yuri_Rage is suggesting.

You need to raise your game to do what you want to do with the bait boat.

summarizing. What I want to do would be possible with WLITE and a lua script, and I wouldn’t need a ground base with Mission Planner, am I right?

Which transmitter would offer me the possibility of selecting a saved GPS point and directing the boat there as in the video shown above?

And any similar option that is not so difficult to solder? I’ve seen it and it’s a higher level for me, I didn’t think it was that much…

Thank you so much.

You have things summarized fairly well, but your project needs are rapidly increasing your budget, I think.

If you want a scripting capable autopilot that requires minimal soldering, the price point goes up. Look at the QioTek ZealotH743.

If you want to forego a computer running GCS software and operate solely with an RC transmitter, you’ll want one that can display some information (see Yaapu telemetry). The Radiomaster TX16S fits that description quite well. While cheaper options may be available, I wouldn’t recommend them for the use case you’ve presented, and the TX16S is the least expensive radio of which I’m aware that supports the feature set you’re going to want.

Waypoints can be recorded using the Save Waypoint RC option. While it isn’t included on the documentation page, all waypoints can be cleared by toggling the assigned RC channel while the autopilot is disarmed.

The “advance-wp” script from the first post in this discussion can be used to cycle waypoints. For your use, it should probably be modified a little to include a message that indicates which waypoint is selected along with a feature to recycle to the first waypoint index if it can no longer advance forward.

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Couldn’t this be done with pixhawk 4? It catches my attention that the cheap boat that I bought (flytec) for about $100 has all those functions… what happens is that it is small and works at 7v so it barely has any power… I don’t understand why something similar doesn’t exist in a free environment.

As for telemetry, I practically don’t need anything, just how far it is from me (home) and the possibility of choosing which point I want it to go to.

The Pixhawk 4 (if you’re talking about the one marketed by Holybro) runs an F4 processor, which is almost always problematic when attempting to run the Lua engine. The only link I can find to buy one shows it $50 USD more expensive than the more capable ZealotH743 that I recommended earlier.

Whether you need one value or 100, the only way to get the information you desire is over a passthrough telemetry link that is fairly robust.

If you already have a $100 boat that has all these functions, then use it. We are trying to show you the path of least resistance and lowest REASONABLE budget for ArduPilot.


Thank you very much for your answers. I am going to change my needs to reduce costs and I will use a cell phone and mission planner. I have seen a video in which with mission planner I can send the ship to a specific point, is this correct? Taking these new needs into account, the controller could be the flysky i6, but what flight controller can I put on it? Would pixhawk work here?

Even so, there are some videos on the internet where the flysky i6 shows telemetry options (GPS distance). I imagine it is a specific proprietary firmware. Even where I live, they sell branded boats for about €1,500 with that remote control and the options mentioned above.

Guided Mode

I believe you can set a channel option for adding a waypoint so if you hit the switch when you drop your bait then reload the waypoints on your phone you will be able to select it and send it to that waypoint.

Yea, once you have decided to add a Ground Station to the project it opens up many possibilities. A phone is not the best device but it could work.

What components should I have for the Mission Planer connection? Because I don’t think it can reach much through WiFi, the ideal would be up to approximately 300m.

Right. ESP8266 WiFi radios work but more like 100m max. I use them for configuration and calibration purposes.

A SiK telemetry radio on a OTG cable has worked for some.


While it looks like you might be taking a different direction with a non-scripting capable autopilot, I had reason to modify the script I mentioned earlier, and I have made a pull request for its inclusion as an official applet. The updated version would likely be very useful on a bait boat.

AP_Scripting: add advance-wp.lua by yuri-rage · Pull Request #26914 · ArduPilot/ardupilot (

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Very interested, thanks you very much!

On the other hand, Ardupilot does not need to have a connection with the ground base once the commands are launched, right? That is to say, if I told you to go to a point and come back, if along the way you lost the connection with the base, you would do it anyway, right?