Help: About Solo and ads-b

I am very confused and ask questions.

I have stock Solo and Ping1090…

When I bought ping1090, the result of the inquiry was said to be available for solo. (the inquiry at uavionix)

However, in this forum, you must buy Green Cube and update 3.5copter to use ads-b data on 3dr Solo.

Eventhough I update Open Solo 2.5-RC3 BETA, stock Solo can not available ads-b data?

I don’t need a many function for it. Just need ads-b data…

So, I would like advice. Thank you.

Yes, you need to run ArduCopter 3.5.0 or higher for ADS-B. And to do that safely, you need to use the Green Cube. The Open Solo updates detect which Pixhawk cube you have, and install the appropriate version of ArduCopter. You have stock cube, so you did not get ArduCopter 3.5.

Can I buy the cube here?
Is it right?

If that is right, I can’t register there…
How can I sigh in ?