Heli Setup page and Helicopter 4.0.0 fw

Heli Setup page looks disable when updating to new firmware 4.0.0

Upgrade MP (beta):

@danielhellin and @Webillo Yes, we are working on getting a heli page working again. I am considering removing the old page altogether (the first image in @Webillo post) and replacing it with the 2nd image in @Webillo post. This is consistent with the page in QGround Control and hopefully will be more easily maintained as there is no special graphics. Also there are many outdated options on the old heli page. For instance, it shows only two swashplate types which is no longer true with 4.0 It also shows the old V curve for the throttle curve. That has been replaced by a 5 point spline throttle curve.

So unless I hear a compelling reason that the old page must be kept, I am recommending that it be removed and the new page be the only heli page option in Mission Planner.

Bill Geyer
TradHeli Maintainer

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Great work. I am not at all an helicopter expert, but second page is more clear.

A great thing about Tradheli is that knowing almost nothing about helicopters I could do a mission on the first trial (on a windy day), although there was a ROI forgotten problem.

@Webillo and @bnsgeyer thanks for you replies.

In fact, I have installed MP beta and I have both pages of heli setup. The second it is perfect, no complex graphics control are needed, just all concerning parameters in a sight.

When your are working in field, searching parameters by typing can be a cause of mistake

@danielhellin I will warn you that there are some problems with that page. The stabilize collective (IM_STAB) Params are not mapped correctly and this will not set the Params properly and all of the pull down selections always show the default value and not the current value. So I am working with @Michael_Oborne to get those issues corrected for the next release.

@bnsgeyer Thank you. I will use parameter list until stable release.

hi new stable v4.1.3 came today but still heli setup page Gray out

@zahid02 This is not dependent on the controller firmware. It requires a new stable version of Mission planner to be released. The beta version of mission planner has the new heli setup page. You can download the beta version and use it or load QGround Control. Current released stable version of QGround Control has the updated heli setup page.

@Michael_Oborne when should we expect the next stable version of Mission Planner to be released?

thanks you bnsgeyer sir for quick reply
new v 4.0.3 stable heli i try on QGround control it message pop up missing parameter’s on heli setup page
i am using pix4 mini heli apj firmware { holly bro board mini }
if down grade to v 3.6.12 work good on MP and QGC

In order for QGC to work properly with Arducopter 4.0 you need to upgrade QGC to the latest version.

Bill Geyer i appreciate all your help

After upgrade QGC v4 still say missing parameters on heli setup

Thanks. I will have to take a look

@zahid02 so the heli set up page appears to be fine. I got a message that one parameter was missing. That was primary compass. Is that the same message you are getting?

Hello Bill happy holiday
please help me out
i know H_Land_col_min replace with H_col_mid
h_col_mid setup 0 degree pitch
h_col_min setup 2.5 to 3 degree negative pitch
h_col_hax 10 degree
every think work very good
accept RTL during the landing it wont descending and shout off
it is v4.0.5
i setup before few heli with v3.6 never problem

@zahid02 Hi, please provide a log that shows this behavior. It would allow me to see what the problem is.

here it is log link
at this time turn RTL switch back to normal because wont descend i don’t want crash landing
also in Lioter mode after rolling left right and forward back word it take lil time to recover back in auto hover
you have wonderful thanks giving

@zahid02 Thank You. I took a quick look at your log and there weren’t any parameters which is normally at the beginning of the file. Could you post your parameter file? Also I don’t see in this file where you switched to RTL. Did you post the correct log?

Hi i hope you have Grate Happy thanks Giving With Family
i re setup my heli carefully and at this time RTL work successfully (2 test ) FLIGHT
Now only issue i am facing in GPS mode if i roll left or right forward, backward it take time to recover back to attitude hold
i have 2 link one for log document file and 1 bin i don’t know which one you need https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XYh6l9YIXDadoW5eDcvGvwbjp6aK89aq/view?usp=sharing
below link for BIN
Thank you SIR for helping