Heli align 450l apm pro

hello friends, i need help to run apm pro with tradheli firmware, i have a problem with my slash i raise the throttle and suddenly the motor stops, it seems apm pro restarts when i increase the throttle… and after i try to start it again without a blade , and I increase the throttle, it seems normal without any problems… my apm pro without using the power module, the power only relies on the esc…

This belongs in the Traditional Heli thread and it’s an unsupported Flight Controller.

Do I need to change to another fc like pixhwank. …?

It doesn’t have to be a Pixhawk there are many supported boards. But yes, if you want support and better performance choose a board that will run the latest stable version of Ardupilot.

okay thank you, there is a flight controller recommendation that is good and not too big to be placed on a helicopter 450…

Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas

There are many small boards supported from Matek, Holybro, Mrobotics and CUAV.

Arducopter boards