Height problem in autonomus flight

I tried to fly my drone in autonomous mode. For this, I created a route that goes to a certain point and returns to the starting point with the “return to lunch” command. I set all the heights to 2 meters. The drone goes to the point I set, but then it rises extremely high (about 14 meters according to the flight data) and descends to the starting point in that way. Why is it rising so high? How can I solve it?
Thanks in advance!

Are you saying you set the RTL height to 2m as per https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/rtl-mode.html and it is still rising to 15m?

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Yes, I changed the RTL value to 2 on the autonomus flight screen. Do I need to change it elsewhere? I guess it still detects the default value of 15. I would be glad if you help

Try the Wiki:

If you don’t want it to do this don’t use RTL. Use a return Waypoint and Land. Otherwise your failsafe RTL will be at 2m (if you change RTL_ALT) which would not be wise as a global value.

Thank you so much!
I think it would be wiser to use land as you said.

I typically use Land rather than RTL to end a Mission anyway. This came from doing a lot of one way missions.

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