HEavy lift drone circling or yawing on takeoff

The drone was calibrated and everything seems to be in order but the flight test shows it moving around and stabiliing when the Land mode was engaged.

You will notice that after the land mode was engaged the drone stabilized which makes me suspect compass issues.

Please anyone with knowledge of such issues, I shall appreciate your assistance here.

Also the GPS was mount was extended with steel hex screws. Could this affect the drone?.

Apparently anything counts as “heavy lift” these days :slight_smile:
Those screws are not a problem.
The video is useless, we can’t even see what pilot does, flight mode or anything.
Do a new flight, in stabilize, lift it up, then hover for 10sec , then switch to poshold or loiter, and fly a bit.
Then post the dataflash log.

Thanks for the feed back.

The drone was flown with a dronekit code in GUIDED Mode.

Its just instructed to go to 5 metres and switch to LAND Mode.

Shall carry out the test again as requested and post data.
Should be done by Thursday this week,