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Heavy duty Rover

(Jad) #1

Hi everyone,

Please I am after a general guide or some clues to put me on the right way, my plan is to build a heavy duty rover can transport a weight up to 20 kg (agriculture use) will be guided either autonomously (gps outdoor) or remotely, what kind of hardware can suite this project as motors and Controllers I have very basic knowledge in controllers (arduino) but an advice from the experts to start on the right way would be very helpful and I will take it further…thank you

(hans bert) #2

look for electric wheelchair motors and add some appropriate offroad tires.

(Dave) #3

Take a look at the components used in this class of Rover for some ideas if you plan on A DIY project.

(Jad) #4

thank you aamadeuss sound very good idea

(Kenny Trussell) #5

I have no idea what your budget is. And if 20kg is the max you will need to carry, this might be an overkill, but I have automated a zero turn lawn mower and am using it to mow large fields. I have a hay farm but also have some areas that just need mowing occasionally. My ultimate goal is a sprayer which will need to carry around 400 kg.

The mower was pretty easy to automate with linear actuators (or heavy duty servos, as others have done).

For now, my documentation is basically on YouTube and is not fully up to date, but I will be glad to help you in any way if this is of interest to you:

Good luck!