HDZero and smart audio to setup VTX

The compiled in VTX table AP_VideoTX.cpp is not compatible with Sharkbyte/HDZero.
See thieir custom VTX table in betaflight JSON format here under uilities:

I have had this pending for a while: SmartAudio/CRSF power management by andyp1per · Pull Request #19497 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
Waiting for TBS to fix CRSF before taking it forward …

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Hi Andy ,and thank you for all you do for us,any progress in getting the smart audio working on HD Zero I no problems with TBS just would like to no if any light at end of tunne;

Try again - the SmartAudio changes are in 4.3


i do jave 4.3 on my craft but never saw any mention of this any were my bad

hello , Is HDZ Smart Audio working now with Ardupilot?

here you go Lui, Advise on connecting a HD Hero VTX to ardupilot works good

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Hey Martin, thanks, I have already setup the VTX OSD way back, my queries is changing the VTX power through my radio or accessing the VTX menu via sticks command.