Advise on connecting a HD Hero VTX to ardupilot

Hello my fellow UAVers,im thinking about a HD FPV set up and looking at the HD Zero system,I am using the Matek H743 board on my small VTOL,my question is does this just connect like a normal vtx setup,many thanks in advance

In a digital setup, the FC no longer has anything to do with the video signal. Here, the VTX is only supplied with voltage and the FC provides OSD data via serial interface. The display of the OSD information is done by the digital system. So it is completely different to the analog setup.

HDZero can be used with Ardupilot, I use these settings:


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Thank you very much Target08i5, may I ask an other questin what antenna do you recomend and haow far can i go please.many thank’s

2x TrueRC X²-AIR
2x VAS IBCrazy Minion Pro Long

How far I can not say yet, is still in the test phase. I had to replace a freestyle VTX, because it did not go further than 1200 m. I have not yet tested the replacement VTX in flight. But I would be disappointed if it does not go over 20 km …

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Thank you so so much,I will get same as you though antenna wise but what VTX did you go with please and cheers are you had a faulty VTX now I understand

The HDZero Freestye VTX, is also already in the last post.

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Hi Reinhard,I have got the HD Zero receiver working with the Freestyle VTX connected and working with Ardupilot and OSD is good,thank you for your help