HDOP with here2 can GPS

After swapping to CAN GPS I am unable to get below a 1.5 HDOP. Prior with i2c I could get a 0.6 is this normal or am I missing some parameters changes?


I’ve noticed this as well. I get below 1.5, but it is always way way higher than it used to be on serial. I do not know why and have been meaning to ask too.


Any update on this? I’m seeing the same thing here with a new build. Thanks!

I believe you don’t get then HDOP back over can, there was much discussion on if HDOP is even a usefull number. The general conclusion was HDOP is a bad measure of health and just to use the GPS and EKF status instead.

If it’s not actually the HDOP, what is it then? It’s sending something.

Hello, just checking in to see if there was ever a firm answer on the validity of HDOP when plugged in over CAN? Just curious if we should even pay attention to the HDOP value when the GPS is plugged in over CAN (not I2c). Thanks!

Any news about this? I have the same lisse with that the HDOP often is above the 1.4 threshold during startup, with the Here2 on UAVCAN.

Regards Ronny

In the end we changed the hdop required for take off to 4.0 on most machines or went back to i2c. if you can get your hands on a here 3 my testing so far has shown 0.6 hdop consistently. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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Thanks Dustin.
In the cases where you went back to serial/I2C for the GPS, did you feel the Here2 was not functioning correctly using UAVCAN or was there an other reason?

Having similar issue. By using CAN bus and dual GPS configuration never got an hdop less than 1.18. Have changed 5 GPS units… But same result. Once when I had put one of the GPS in serial… Had got 0.6hdop but on reboot… Things changed and back to 1+ hdop regime