HC-SR04 Alpha Module (I2C) with Pixhawk

Hi everyone,
Does anyone manage to read values with an ultrasonic HC-SR04 sensor with I2C module Alpha?
It is this one:

I used an analog HC-SR04 and I got readings, but with this one y can’t.
I’m trying to conect it whit RNGFND_TYPE: 2, similar to MaxbotixI2C because it doen’t have a specific one.

Good day,
HC-SR04 doesn’t perform well due cone reading limitations… you can use maybe as landing sensor but not for obstacles avoidance. If need an obstacle avoidance you must look for Teraranger tower or SF40c

Hi @Dave84 and thanks for your answer!
I’m not trying to use it as an obstacle avoidance, just as auxiliary height sensor. My problem is not the performance or the limitations, it is that I cannot get any measures.

my advice is change sensor… you can look for the teraranger one type b with i2c adapter and setting is as altimeter…more accurate and faster.

I will change it, but I need to configure this one first. Have you ever tried? I read in other chat someone who could read it, but doesn’t explain much…

i will do some tests later with the same model you have… i will let you know asap

Good day, ive done a test with my sensor and ive a reading…i need to check how you have set it on your MP. Just send me pls a screenshot of rangefinder parameter

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Hi Dave84, I managed to see the readings a few hours ago. I wrote 68 in the address of the rngfnd and reboot the pixhawk and then it worked fine. Now it’s working with 0 instead of 68, I don’t know why, but it works… So I suppose the module is crazy hahaha
Now I can go and buy another one.
Thanks for all!

Sounds good… just in case im here for any advice you need.
happy fly

Hello,pinout please?

It’s an I2C device, just connect it to the Pixhawk I2C port

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Good day, take care with that sensor due lacks on the reading