Having trouble with setup for F765 FC and AR900 Wing with DJI Air Unit RX and Controller

This is my first time with Ardupilot. I have the Matek 765 with the latest Ardupilot firmware.

Left Elevon is on pins S3 and right is on S4. My controller is the DJI unit, and the receiver is the DJI FPV Air Unit. I did the controller stick calibration in the DJI goggles.

I did the radio calibration in AP. It won’t left me check the box that says Elevon Config if that matters.

Current behavior is that right Elevon seems good and left jumps from one extreme to the other.

Video: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0rlbsVB877ZI-pCF0kAS1zTWw

Seems ok now. I am not sure what changed except I pressed the “preflight calibration” action and that may have been what fixed it.

how exactly did you connect DJI receiver to matek? is there anything in between for signal conversion or is it possible now to connect it directly?
the OSD from matek i presume is not going to work that way? can you pls elaborate?

those elevon options are for the old way of setting up elevons with very old versions of ardupilot. Use the servo function and reversal options
Docs here: