Having trouble with connecting tf-luna and tf-mini-s on Holybro's pixhawk 6C via I2C

We want to use multiple lidars (4 tf-lunas and a tf-mini-s).We have tried to:

  • Change the I2C address of the tf-luna from the standard 0x10 to 0x08,0x09,0x0A and 0x0B and left the address of tf-mini-s as the standard.
    *We changed the frequency of the tf-luna to 250Hz using the manual according to the “Application of tf-luna IIC on the pixhawk 1”.
    *Changed the mode from UART to IIC using the GUI and manual of the tf-mini.
    *Uptated the tf-luna firmware using the benewake publisher according to the following topic: New LiDAR sensor Benewake TF02-Pro TFmini-S TF-Luna for drones UAV - #111 by ibrahimqazi.
    *We adapted the connector IIC that came with the Holybro Pixhawk 6C for the TF-luna according to the “Application of tf-luna IIC on the pixhawk 1”.
    *Adapted the same adaptor for the tf-mini-s using the pinout of the board and tf-mini-s.
    The connection’s photo :

*Then changed the following parameters acoording to the “Application of tf-luna IIC on the pixhawk 1” document:

Settings for TF-Luna/TF-Mini-S:
RNGFND1_ADDR=08 (we used the 0x08 TF-Luna and changed to 16 for the TF-Mini-S
RNGFND1_TYPE = 25 (According to GitHub - budryerson/TFMini-Plus-I2C: Arduino library for the Benewake TFMini-Plus LiDAR distance sensor in I2C communication mode, the TF-Mini-S has a “compatible” type of I2C )
The LiDARS do turn on but they do not connect to the pixhawk and show the error “PRX1: no data” or

Could you share your param file?