Having Hard Time Making a Tilt-Tri-Quadplane Simulation

Hello There, I am a newbie trying to simulate a tilt-tri-quadplane using Gazebo and Ardupilot SITL but after a long attempt I am having hard time so far. Can someone help me to build this simulation and show my mistakes? These are my parameters and sdf files.
tilttriquadplane.zip (6.2 KB)

You haven’t given 3d file for the model in tilttriquadplane.zip

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Because they are heavier than 4 mB I couldnt upload here. Should I upload ?

share me after uploading on drive or mail me at rahulec1999@gmail.com. I will try to solve it

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This is my mesh folder

got it, will let you know

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tilt_Sag.STL and tilt_Sol.STL is missing.

Oh sorry, look this one

I have requested for the drive access to download

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Now, you are able to access, right?

Yes, I got it, plugins have some issues. Can you explain what is the issue you are exactly facing. Are you using gazebo-11 or older.

I am using Gazebo Harmonic. The problem is I couldn’t make the plane fly or even I couldnt manage to test servos, motors. When I try to run SITL suddenly motors are running. When I try to take off nothing happens

<fdm_port_out>9003</fdm_port_out> add this after line 829 for fdm-out port in model.sdf file.

Thanks for your effort, are there any more advice you can give?

Hi @mesad - there is an example of a tilt-rotor tricopter - plane here: Gazebo: add MiniHawk-VTOL by srmainwaring · Pull Request #102 · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub that may help you get your vehicle configured.

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all front two motors are ccw rotation motors, motor_arka should be cw motor, change its spin direction

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Earlier none of the motors are producing thrust, right now they are creating thrust, only direction need to be changed.