Having Control issues

Hey guys. I’m very new and I just finished my small quadcopter. Was quite interesting trying to get everything run smoothly and I’ve finally have it all working. The one thing I’m still battling with is the controls. I want the drone to move left with the left joystick irrespective of the drones heading

Have you read the wiki entries? Sounds like you want Super Simple mode (requires GPS lock).


Thanks. I knew it was something “simple”. Appreciate the help

I have another issue. I’ve just stopped using it. But when I had a power module installed, as soon as I took off it would nose dive and flip. Purely by process of elimination, I work out it was the power module. Not sure why. Just stopped using it.

Had the same thing happen. It was from misconfiguring the two esc’s on the front motors. Did you recalibrate the esc after you took the power module off? Don’t see how it could be the pm unless its undersized for your application.