Having a problem with compass/motor calibration

I have been flying my drone for over a month now and it is flying pretty well. I am trying to do a compass/motor calibration and having trouble with it. I am using a Herelink running QGC, Standard Cube Black, Here+ Compass and running Copter 4.0.4 dev.

Per the wiki (see screenshots) I hold the Herelink throttle down, plug in the drone, connect usb cable to drone and then connect Mission Planner. I then open the compass/motor calibration menu and while still holding down the throttle I press Start. It arms the drone and then I bring the throttle up to roughly 60-75% for 7-10 seconds (albeit a little scary) and then bring it back down and press finish.

It never disarms the motors after and does not record any numbers to compass_mot_x,y,z. I have tried it a couple times with no luck. When I press finish all it keeps saying is ardrupilot inistialing over and over (see picture). I am using a Mauch current sensor and it is reading well in the air. My interference comes just under 30%, but the graph seems very strange. I am not understanding why it goes to 30% initially before the motors just start barley spinning.

One thing I did notice after I finished and is highlighted in blue is the compass_motct is diabled, but it says not to change this manually.

Would the Herelink be the problem running QGC? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you.!

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Hi, using QGC and doing CompassMot did the same to me. So I used a passthru from my Skydroid t12 to MP on my laptop without QGC in the middle and all went well, go figure.
With QGC it simply not completing.

What about downgrade to 4.0.3 as I know ive use Compass/Motor calibration successfullyseveral times. You might be seeing an introduced bug.

Edit: Ah Ha - QGC issue!

@gnitzan Thank you.

Bummer, not sure how I can do it thru the Herelink running QGC? Any help would be great.

Post in the Ground Control Software>QGC thread, maybe Don can help.

@dkemxr Ok, thank you.

I’m confused. You say you are having problems running CompassMot on qGC, but you post screenshots of Mission Planner…

So why aren’t you using MP to run the calibration?

I am using the Herelink Controller and it uses QGC to fly the drone that is built into the controller. I have to hook my computer up via USB and run MP to do the calibration, but it will not work with QGC running on my Herelink Controller.

I am trying to avoid setting up another transmitter like a Spektrum just to do this calibration.