Has anyone worked with Pixhawk 4, QGroundControl, & TMOTOR systems?

I need help sending throttle input to my ESCs and motors. Not sure if it’s the issue is wiring, hardware, or software. Any help is appreciated.

Explain the problem better. We can not guess what are the issues.

Details, details, details!

Ok I will give more details.
Hardware: Tmotor Alpha 60a 12s ESC & MN-601S 170KV Motor, Pixhawk 4 autopilot and power management board, TBS Crossfire 8-ch diversity receiver, ix20 spektrum transmmeter
Update: I am now able to spin the motors when armed and have set the disarm PMW output so the motors are silent and don’t beep. Even after arming the drone and having the motor spin, there is no throttle input, based on the fact that I cannot change the motor speed when moving the throttle up on my transmitter. There are 4 separate ESCs wired in 1,2,3,4 channels of PWM out on the power management board. Each esc is connected to a motor and each esc is powered directly to two 6s batteries in series. I have set the PWM minimum and maximum output to its corresponding values (in esc documentation).

What do you mean with “there is no throttle input” ?

Many people use that same combination of hardware and it works fine for them.

After arming and getting the motors to spin, I increase the throttle by moving the assigned throttle stick on my transmitter but the motors do no increase in speed.

Did you calibrate your radio ? Can you confirm that your radio input is detected on Mission Planner with RCIN or ch*in ?

My radio is calibrated and it is read onqgroundcontrol. I also calibrated the escs

Can you change the throttle input using Motor Test (props off) ?

I am unable to do that. I move the values individually and together but I get no response from the motors or escs

Can you please share your params file ?

Pixhawk 4 Parameters AM.zip (6.3 KB)
Here are the parameters. I’m going to play around with the minimum and maximum PWM output values to see how the motors respond.

So you are using the PX4 Flight Stack not Arducopter? You are in the entirely wrong forum man.
Go here: PX4

I am not using the flight stack

This is the parameter file you attached. These are not Arducopter parameters:

So, is this old and you are now using Arducopter or are you in the wrong forum?

I have the option to setup the pixhawk board for arducopter or px4. I haven’t checked what the difference is. At some point was able to give a bit of throttle. It was not much but noticeable.

You are not using Arducopter; it’s pointless to continue posting in this forum. Follow the link I posted above and ask your questions there.