Has anyone tested Copter-3.6.4-rc1 with a gimbal?

I’m wondering if anyone has tested Copter-3.6.4-rc1 (the current beta) with a gimbal?

If “yes”, I’m keen to hear if it seems to be working OK. In particular this test:

  1. setup gimbal so that its pitch is controlled by a channel on the transmitter
  2. keep transmitter turned off
  3. power up flight controller and gimbal and wait for 20sec or so for everything to power-up
  4. turn on transmitter

In 3.6.3 (and earlier) I think the gimbal would have moved to an extreme position at Step3 (i.e. before the transmitter is turned on) but with Copter-3.6.4 it should not move until Step4 and even then it should move to a good position.

I’m just looking for confirmation that the issue appears fixed.


I can confirm gimbal stays in a neutral position.

I have mine controlled by channels 9 & 10 via Mavlink. It doesn’t go to extremes with radio off on 3.6.3.

Gimball is run by an Alexmos encoder board on latest firmware.

Not sure this is the case you are investigating but still a contribution.


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My drone use Pixhawk + Strom32 and control gimball by channel 7 via Mavlink. But it work fine and doesn’t go wrong position on 3.6.3 or 3.6.4rc1.

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I have a 3 axis gimbal with a STorM32 controller. The gimbal does not move on power up with my Taranis X9E turned off. Well done!!!

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In 3.6.3 my gimbal was starting in extreme up position without Tx powered,in 3.6.4 is working fine,im using Storm32 3 axis connected over serial port.

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Great! thanks for the feedback.

@oldgazer1, great! thanks for the feedback! I’m very happy we got this sorted.

@mackay9: Me too. I can’t tell you how many times my gimbal went into spaz mode because I didn’t have the radio on…

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