Hardware in the loop apm 2.6

hardware in the loop apm 2.6
wath is the problem ???
i’am using just apm 2.6 + gps + compass indoor

when using HIL you do not need the GPS. But you do need to get a special HIL compiled version of the firmware, and you need a simulator (JBSIM, Flightgear, or similar) and you do need to read the documentation and you do need to post error messages and setup descriptions.

Posting two pictures and saying “it does not work” will not get you any answers.

hil firmware : arduplane 2.76 heli
simulator : xplane 10
i have readed the documantation
error : bixler not stable

Is it a helli or a plane ? the FW version you gave is confusing.

The HIL has not been maintained nor tested in a long time. Mainly because the SITL works so well.

Maybe another dev can help you here.