Hardware for APM Rover

what Hardware should i use for Rover.

My requirements are
1- conrolled by Laptop or Smartphone.
2- drive on pre define way point.
3- transmit live video.
4- new way point can be uploaded without connecting usb data cable. (through telemetry)

@sheikh ehtesham,
Try searching here http://diydrones.com/group/ardurover-user-group

Please do not refere to another link or community.

@sheikh ehtesham,
Then I doubt that you will get much help here as this is a technical support website. It is not a “how do I build a rover?”, but a "my rover does not run correctly and here are the tlogs and data flash logs to help troubleshoot my issue."
Therefore I strongly suggest that you visit http://diydrones.com/group/ardurover-user-group and request input or help with your project.