Hand gesture control using esp32 and mpu6050 module

i’m new here, i want to develop a drone which is controlled by hand gestures or movements,
detected by mpu6050 gyro and accelerator module and send to the flight controller using esp32.
could you please help me with the coding

Use “hand gesture” in the Search box here and you will find an post.

yes, but it uses AI recoginition , what I intent to do is use the values obtained from the mpu6050 attached to gloves and control the quadcopter with it

You mean something like that ?

Basically this is an Arduino project and once it it working correctly = You can control servos using the RC MPU6050 , you can try to use it with ArduPilot. You will need to change the code to send PPM instead of PWM or use a PWM to PPM converter to connect to Flight Controller.

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