Hack to get intended drive direction vector out (instead of your classic ESC PWM output)

I need to interface with a robotic mower where I can send those commands:

(backwards right, etc).

I’m wondering if maybe I can hack ardurover to get a direction vector out, something like “ok we went forward for long enough and we are past the error threshold, let’s go switch to forward right a bit to correct”.

This would allow me to re-use all of the existing drive train, battery, charing, etc.

Any pointers on how to do this? I can program but before diving into it experience suggests I should ask more experienced people :slight_smile:

Alternatively if you think this is too much work I’m ok with just replacing everything with some standard hardware!

try using some lua scripting, should be easy. But I do not know how stable it will be. It will probably twich a bit.

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