H743-wing v3 setup with dragonlink

I am trying to build a plane using the matek h743-v3 and a dragonlink. I am very new to this and have no idea what I am doing and I cant figure out how to wire the the h743 and the dragonlink. I am trying to get mavlink and ppm or sbus working. any advice?
PS how do i setup the mavlink and reciever in missionplanner

I’ve never hooked them up myself, but I’ll take a stab at it. :slight_smile: It looks somewhat complicated, but is supposed to be one of the better long-distance setups currently.

The Dragonlink user guide is at http://www.dragonlinkrc.com/media/hciczbbe/dragonlinkuserguide5april2018.pdf

For basic RC control, go to Dragonlinkrc and find the instructions for your receiver. For the Nano the special 3-pin header is used, while on the larger ones a standard 3-pin servo connector is used. Red wire goes to the 5V pin on the FC next to Rx7, ground goes to the ground pin next to that, and signal goes to Rx6 (typically). This signal will be your sbus input, so you’d configure Serial7 as your RC input in Mission Planner. You’d set SERIAL7_PROTOCOL to 23, and then probably you’d need to set SERIAL7_OPTIONS to 1 (to invert the incoming signal).

The telemetry instructions are at Dragonlinkrc

Use the Rx7/Tx7 pins on the FC for your data lines (read the Dragonlink instructions to find the wire colours, it depends if you have a 5-pin or 6-pin connector). This counts as “serial1” for ArduPlane, so the Dragonlink instructions should be valid. If you have a 6-pin connector then you’d use Cts7/Rts7 to connect up the CTS/RTS lines from the receiver to provide hardware flow control. Do not connect the red wire from this connector to anything on the FC.

i will try that when i get home but why not connect the 6pin uexp red wire i was using that for vin

The instructions at Dragonlinkrc say to not connect the red wire from the 6-pin UEXP connector.

For the receivers with 5-pin UEXP connectors the red wire is actually 3.3V output.

unfortunetly i cant test anything until sunday because i am out of town but last night i connected to the dragonlink transmitter and tried to connect to the board through dragonlink in mision planner it looked like it loaded past the mavlink but it got stuck at getting param. also i belive i wired it correctly via your instructions

it connects mavlink but on missionplanner it says “getting param” and it never loads