H12 skydroid throttle settings

I have a skydroid h12 controller that stays in the middle when the throttle stick is in its normal position. This situation seems to make it difficult for me to fly. What is the default setting for the throttle bars whose bar is in the middle? Thank you for the replies.

Hi Res1,
Reagrdfing the Throttle which is spring loaded to the center position on the Skydroid H12 - this is what you do.

Open the back panel - 8 small phillips screws.
The batttery is attached to the back panel. You do NOT have to disconn. the battery.
The Throttle stick < look carefully > has a spring. Disconnect/Unhook.
You should have got a peice of metal which looks like a clamp - with two small screws < in a bag >
Screw it in that location - you will see there is an onvious place to screw it in. This adds friction to the throttle.
Put everything back together- should work just fine. Recalibrate the throttle.

Good Luck !!

For a Copter you are better off with the spring centered throttle in my opinion.
Set this:
which tells arducopter you are using a spring centered throttle - when hover thrust is learnt then hover will always be at the center of the sticks travel. This works better with Stabilise mode too.
It is much safe if you have to put the transmitter down or hand it to someone.