H frame octo (qbrian) build help with wiring?

using APM with 4in 1 ESC’s (qbrian) on a HJ_H8 . power supply Bec and wiring is soldered … Fc is nearly installed . im am at the point of , tuning the esc’s . but next is the wiring … i need help with connecting the two esc’s to the FC? does the anyone know the wiring setup using 4in one esc’?? with / without hub

and any input (headsup) issues please let me know .! i hear that the props need to be different pitches because of rotor wash ?

If you are using mission planner then the motor setup tool is great are you familiar with this? I,v got qbrain quad and found it quite easy like this.

thanks for responding …no im not really familiar . i will look it up but any further help is appreciated

are you talking about motor test ? that does make sense i can see what motor spins and then rewire if needed ?
is that right ?

Yes, motor test is correct. See here…


That will get Them connected in the correct order. Then check each motor is spinning in the right direction, clockwise or anti-clockwise as required just swap any of the three leads to change spin direction. Then lastly make sure the props are clockwise or anti-clockwise type to match as well. Put them on the right way up with the embossed numbers facing up.
Sorry to take so long to get back to you.