H Frame flipped over on launch Can't find the issue

I recently gutted my old solo and threw some new components into it, tyring to give it a new life. this morning when I tried to launch the bird came up about 4-6 inches and just rolled the right really hard and flipped itself over. I can’t seem to find what the issue is. I have included the log and would appreciate anyones help greatly!

Drop box link to the .log from the crash

ALso, I dissabled the interal Mag on the pixhawk and am only using the mag on the GPS.

Solo frame
Lumineir motors
T motor 4 in 1 55A ESC
6 inch butter cutter props
Pixracer R15
Matek PDB
M Robotics NEO 8 GPS
TBS crossfire receiver
Stock solo battery

can you post a picture of the frame with the props on, thanks

Is your level an acc calibration ok?
Are your props in the correct direction and motors spin in correct direction?

props and motors are in correct orientation for an H frame confirmed by Arducopter documentation.

Accel calibration passes with no issues.

I did get a warn about the compass offsets being to high, but recalibrated the mag and it passed on default fitness level.

which is the head scratcher because I really took my time with this build.

only error I saw in the log was EKF -1

what’s the artificial horizon show when connected to MP?

edit: looks like accels are good, so FC might not be controlling the correct motors or the default PIDs you’re using need adjusting for those motors/props. I’d set both D terms to .0001 to start. Might want to raise filtering following the wiki.

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all the props look the right rotation in the picture, as Keith says if its quite a powerful setup you might need to drop drop the default gains to get it flying.

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Another thing can be the esc, one esc is unsync for failure, unsync etc.

the log does not show any big pitch/roll, two spin-ups, but no flip.

Shows flat and level. Blue on top ground on bottom.

I’m running the T motor 4 -1 55A which has BL Heli on it. It looks like my proble might have been the mootor configuration. I was unaware that motor test in Mission planner just fires the motors clockwise, and was swapping leads and changing motor direction in BL Heli to get the motors to fire in the correct sequence to match and H frame.

I will be testing again this moring and updating. Thanks so much for the support guys! Will update with logs and pics!

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