Gyros Calibration copy-paste?


I was wonder if I can calibrate the Gyros on a Cube, and the “copy and paste” those parameter to the next one Cube, to avoid the calibration of each drone.

I have a 13KG drone, and as you can imagine, is not easy to calibrate the gyros.


Do the accel/gyro calibration of just the cube itself off of the vehicle. The only calibrations that must be done on the vehicle are the compass calibration and the level calibraiton

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Apreciatte your help!

The REAL answer (and I am totally surprised that no one else caught this) is a resounding NO, YOU CANNOT COPY CALIBRATION DATA FROM ONE CUBE AND PASTE IT TO ANOTHER CUBE.

No matter how tight the Quality Assurance testing is, NO TWO PIECES OF HARDWARE ARE PERFECTLY IDENTICAL. This goes double for the final aircraft.

So, you MUST calibrate each Cube and finished aircraft individually.