Gyro Not healthy... Solution

Just like to share, I faced this problem. After much search can’t find the solution. I saw quite a few people asking the same.
I realised that its actually the temperature affecting the Accelerometer. There is a BRD heat trg. If you are in a tropical country like me i think its good to turn it off. Its actually a heater for the accelerometers.
Next is really finding a solution to cool down the fligh controller. Most FC tend to go alittle crazy after 65 degrees Celsius.
Hope this helps

But I guess it makes sense.
Those heaters been designed to provide a stable, fixed temperature so certain sensors work under best and most reliable conditions.
I assume no thought was given in regards to impact of such heaters in tropical conditions.

There are some options that come to mind in regards to cooling.
From a simple ice pack that has some moisture absorbing cloth or so attached to take care of condensation to something like a peltier element which comes in different sizes and cooling ratings.
One example here:{"sku_id"%3A"12000027962540024"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!8.51!6.3!!!!!%400b0a558a16696364037264752d0702!12000027962540024!sea&curPageLogUid=PE3r9EGbHMF5&ad_pvid=202211280353232246256795682650006972887_12&ad_pvid=202211280353232246256795682650006972887_12

I think most FC works ok if its open air body. Or the most install a small computer fan.
For some design the FC is internal to a casing, this is way more tricky. Then again different accelerometer might have different temperature tolerance as well.